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FS: TR4AIRS/TR250/TR6 competition springs - Hanyes Weber manual

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Subject: FS: TR4AIRS/TR250/TR6 competition springs - Hanyes Weber manual
From: "Aaron Johnson" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 23:23:38 -0700

For those of you know don't know I'll be moving out to Normal, Illinois
sometime this summer (my wife accepted a position as an Assistant Professor
at Illinois State University) and in preperation for this move I'll be
cleaning out the garage of stuff I don't want to move/don't need.  I'll try
and only list stuff I think this list will be interested in :)

the first thing I found was:
A set TriumphTune Race springs for a TR6 that I used on my car for about 500
miles before I converted it back to a street car when I bought the spitfire.
Part numbers are TT4207 Front (Orange/Blue) 450lb spring fitted length
TR4a/5 6.5" TR6 6" and TT4215A rear springs (Purple/Yellow) 550lb with
fitted length of TR4 7.3" and TR6 7.45"  The springs are in excellent price is #113.00 so $200 at the current excellent exchange
rate.  Both front and rear are 3" i.d. and free length is just over 8".
$150 plus shipping

75" long 3" diameter spring spacers.  Originally were 1" and I think they
are from Moss or TRF but I turned them down to .75"  These are flanged
spacers that locate in the stock perch and have a flange to locate in the ID
of the spring.  $25 plus shipping

Hanynes Weber Carb manual...lots of different webers..never used as I never
put webers on anything... $15 plus shipping

Misc 4 syncro 3 rail Spitfire gearbox bits...decent mainshaft, case, input


All the best

Aaron Johnson
#38 F Production Spitfire Mk4 Oregon Region SCCA

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