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A Big Thanks to the Beady Eye guys

Subject: A Big Thanks to the Beady Eye guys
From: Henry Frye <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 08:06:36 -0400
So there I am, hanging out at the Drivers Meeting at VIR being told all the 
usual stuff, when Mike Jackson announces the sponsor of the "Adult Beverage 
Social" is none other than the Beady Eye Vintage Triumph Racing Team. 
Knowing these guys, I can understand Bob Wismer, Bill Dentinger and Don 
Brick felt the need to do their part, and we sincerely appreciate this.

But talk about going above and beyond the call of duty... They didn't 
attend the race! I don't think they planned to!  They wanted to help out 
the VDCA.

I was sure to raise a glass or two (or was it three???) in your honor, 
guys! Many, many thanks.

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