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Re: VTR FOT AutocrossChallenge?

Subject: Re: VTR FOT AutocrossChallenge?
From: "Mark J. Bradakis" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 22:06:28 -0600
Next year I plan to be there to join the fun.  Maybe I'll reserve one of those 
suites at the Clock Tower again, that was a pretty nice setup, don't know if 
I'll be
hauling out any kegs of homebrew.  We'll see if I end up driving out in a Spit, 
or a TR7,
or the tow vehicle with race car, or whatever.

Gee, if I make Killer too much of a road race car, it will probably be sucking 
hind tit
when it comes to autocrossing.  A third VTR FTD would be nice, needs more 

Providing an FOT challenge car might be fun, though, even if it isn't FTD 

But for now, IVR is back on schedule, insurance troubles solved, next race 
August 14/15.
I've got work to do!


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