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Walter Mitty Paddock Space

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Subject: Walter Mitty Paddock Space
From: "Jeff Snook" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 02:57:05 -0500
Hi Jack,

Thanks for working on this for us.  I have never been to the infield
paddock, I think it was done maybe the last year I attended.  I've usually
ended up in the bottom paddock by turn 1.  It's not so bad.  That might be
the best place for us.  The grassy area is back down a little road in the
corner I think.  If we could get that whole lower area for the TRs that
would help a lot.

Jeff Snook
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> In a message dated 10/2/04 9:09:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
> > Maybe we could have a separate
> > Triumph paddock roped off so we could just arrive the afternoon before
> > be ensured of a decent paddock spot.
> >
> > That's my suggestion AND the reason I have avoided the Mitty for the
last 4
> > or so years.  I love the event and the track, but not the hassle.
> Jeff, et al:
> This is one of the issues that we will be negotiating. We want to have a
> dedicated MG/TR paddock area. Now, where would that be?
> As you know, RA has limited paddock space and a lot of it is not level.
> The lower area near turn one has both pavement and grass. I wouls think
> is one possibility. Another is iin the pro paddock on the infield side. I
> think that would hold most of the MG/TR cars and rigs but we have to leave
> room for a number of tractor/trailers.
> It may be possible to use another area in the infield. That of course
> require a drive over to the false grid.
> Got any other ideas?
> In any case, I think we can reserve spaces so you don't have toarrive so
> early.
> Jack Woehrle

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