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Mitty - Atlanta April/Edited Responses to Richard

Subject: Mitty - Atlanta April/Edited Responses to Richard
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 12:57:06 EST
Richard....this is great that you are hosting the meetings with the MG guys.

Let me try to answer and comment, one at a time, parenthetically:

> 1.                   How many of you plan to attend? Joe A, are you keeping
> a list?   

(I had a list, but it needs to be updated...however, there is enough interest 
> that we will get our own groups...two of them)
> 2.                   How do you feel about having a "Triumph" hotel for our
> group? The MG types are doing this.  

(I think that we should tell the MG guys that the hotel Keywords should be 
> Challenge" to include us)
> 3.                   How do you all feel about a Friday night $25-30 dollar
> dinner with a celebrity speaker like ...? 

> . The FoT may have a couple important guys in for Q & A sessions, but this is 
> still in the works)

> 4.                   In a moment of weakness, I agreed to assist Bob Van
> Kirk (MG Midget) in locating each of you in our designated paddock on
> Thursday afternoon. Yes. I will take reservations but not without some
> consideration.

(Our own paddock area is a nice feature. We need to include "Tom Strange's 
Triumph Big Top" in the planning mix.  A veritable Mall of Triumphs, each 
entrant will be allocated a 10 x 20 space for 12 Triumphs in a row.I plan to 
early and will help you and Tom with this....Richard, I would not try to put a 
lot of effort into 'making reservations' . This requires way too much 
organization that the FoT just doesnt have..  :-)

> 5.                   Remember, on Wednesday evening we have a tour of the
> Panoz factory. This is going to be awesome!

(I thought the Panoz Factory Tour was planned for Thursday night...please 
advise...I am looking forward to this extra feature....Kudos to the MG guys on 

> 6.                   Inasmuch as our MG/TR group has been given a designated
> paddock area along the front straight and remote from the great unwashed, we
> will have our own tech inspection. Tell me again about the chances for a
> bigass tent which we could put between our two groups to serve as both tech
> and hospitality (& rain shelter). 

(First off, WE TR guys are the "great unwashed".  No tent is planned for, 
this time, by the Western PA TR guys....Tom's Triumph Big Top may potentially 
serve as this area

My suspicion is that this is going to be a pretty good event.
Richard Taylor

(yes, it is)

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