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Re: FOT T-shirts

Subject: Re: FOT T-shirts
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 16:18:28 EST
Marty Sukey, this is terrific timing. I am glad you brought this up.

I was think the other day that it might be shirt time.  This time it might be 
nice to have a nice collared shirt with the logo.

Ted Schumacher has been our supplier in the past and understands our needs. 
We would just need a FoT volunteer to coordinate the proposal, with Ted, and 
the purchase details. It would be nice to have these shirts in time for the 
Walter Mitty and Ted could bring them for distribution.

I'd be good for 2-6 shirts.


Joe Alexander

> I just received my latest VTR magazine and saw a picture of Bob Lang and
> Henry Frye looking all spiffy in their official FOT t-shirts.  Are these for
> sale some where? How does one go about buying one?  Or do they automatically
> get sent out when I pay my annual membership dues:-)

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