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two-owner RUST-FREE TR-6 for sale, Kentucky...

Subject: two-owner RUST-FREE TR-6 for sale, Kentucky...
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 18:56:24 EST
Contact Doug Crawford in Kentucky... _dougcrawford@alltel.net_ 
Don't reply to me please, I know nothing more!
Hope y'all are doing well. I've gotten the TR-6  together and working, and 
have about 50 miles on the engine. 
Got the exhaust on it Sat. & so can drive it  more. I've decided though, to 
let it go & keep the Miata. (horrors, the  sacrilege!!) 
Seriously, I've got other projects that are of more  interest to me. 
Do you know of anyone up there that would be  interested in a two-owner 
RUST-FREE TR-6 that has about $6000.00 worth of new  & aftermarket stuff (as 
as a factory hardtop) For $ 8500.00 ? 
As the British say, it needs some "final fettling"  and has a nice patina. 
If all that were done, it would be an $11-12,000.00  car. 
Let me know.

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