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More Major Hoot

Subject: More Major Hoot
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 20:35:46 EDT
I ran the RMVR race at Pueblo the weekend of June 4th and 5th. Was first 
event since drivers school in March at Second Creek Raceway.  Had a real hoot 

I bought a TR-4A in December of last year and did find out a few things at 
Pueblo.  Pueblo is a bunch faster than Second Creek.  I has assumed car had 
4.1:1 gears.  Talking to other racers w/TR-4 about shift points in comparing to 
mine, came up with the fact that I have 4.55:1 and the OD doesn't work 
consistently.  Lack of power on not very radical engine has power over with at 
RPM.  Will go to 5500 in some sections but no power.

Even when OD worked the car will not pull any more revs on the long straight 
than w/o OD.  SO the next step is to get OD working and getting engine to make 
power to at least 6000.  Probably the better solution than getting 4.1:1 
gears.  Also want to balance increased power w/longevity.  God help me, may 
to spend more money!

Anyway I guess I'm on the slippery slope!  More fun than I ever imagined.  

Dan Forgey  

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