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RE: F1's Cluster

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Subject: RE: F1's Cluster
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Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 18:28:35 -0700
Since there was talk of allowing the tires to be changed frequently as
one of the options offered, I think that under that circumstance it
would have to be assumed that they are agreeing that it is a safety
issue so exclusion would be out of the question.  Then that gets back to
them having to make separate stops for fuel and tires and that would
mean the cars on Michelin tires would be at a disadvantage unless new
tires made them much faster right out of the gate.

Joe C.

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It looks to me like the penalty is either exclusion or eliminating quil
times. It seems they could have given the Michelin drivers the choice of
changing tires and having their qualifying time eliminated 

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