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The rant on the "vintage" in vintage racing

Subject: The rant on the "vintage" in vintage racing
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 17:43:03 EDT
Dear Friends,
I am positioned somewhere in the middle of this issue. I prefer to run on  
the '67 GCR but I do/would make allowances that improve reliability and  
As for those that have a burning desire to win then so be it. As long as  
they drive responsibly I don't worry about them. While that's not what vintage  
racing is about, they do help to fill out the fields and their dollars help to  
cover the costs, so there is a benefit for me. In the end, I know what I have 
 accomplished in a race. If they ignore the spirit of the rules to win that's 
 their issue to deal with. In the end they will get tired of beating everyone 
and  move on to yacht racing.
Leo Oddi (Oddi-wan, master of R2-D250)
'68 TR-250 #68 - With a mild street motor by TSI that turns 2:29's on VIR's  
beautiful 3.3 mile course, only 5 seconds off Group 44's pace in 1968. With  
Strombergs of course!

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