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Large Decal Update

To: <>
Subject: Large Decal Update
From: "Joe Curry" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 09:45:15 -0700
Apparently there is a much larger demand for large decals than was
previously revealed to me.  While I printed a dozen extra ones (and sent
4 to Joe Alexander for inventory) I have all but one of them spoken for.


So that everyone is able to get their requirements filled, I am prepared
to do a special run lf large decals.  I can do them up to 11 inches wide
for $30.00 or if I turn them end to end on the page, I can do them up to
14-2/3 inches wide for $40.00 each.


Since the artwork is already done, the only cost involved is production
and shipping.


So, if anyone wants additional large decals let me know and I will see
if there is enough demand to do a special run.


Along those same lines, if anyone wants banners made with the FOT emblem
and additional lettering on them, I can also do those as well.  These
are the reusable type with metal grommets on very heavy duty vinyl



Joe Curry

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