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Re: 6/25 Greatrace update-LAND ROVER EFFORT

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Subject: Re: 6/25 Greatrace update-LAND ROVER EFFORT
From: TeriAnn Wakeman <>
Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2005 10:26:44 -0700
> Gee Terri Ann...this schedule is interesting to me! 

> Are you running this event?

I WISH I had the bucks to put on a large national event with that big of 
purse every year.  Heck I happily settle for enough $$$ to keep my fuel 
tanks full and both cars in top condition.  The event is run by a bunch 
of folks including the Speed Channel.

I'm just the person doing the daily updates to a single participant's 
race web site.

I'm letting people know when the next update is done and uploaded to the 
server.  This annual race gets a lot of followers who find it 
interesting to get a car eye view of the race.  It is a lot more 
detailed than the show Speed Channel will air.

My hope is that people not interested in following the race will just 
hit the delete during the duration of the race and not think too badly 
of me for letting those interested know when the next race update has 
been uploaded.

   1960 Land Rover 109
   1961 Triumph TR3A

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