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VARAC Mosport '05

Subject: VARAC Mosport '05
From: Russ Moore <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 11:30:49 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
This past weekend was the annual VARAC Festival at Mosport. For those that have 
never been there or run this event, you're missing one of the greatest venues 
in North America. There is more seat time than you can shake a stick at and if 
you want to run the enduros, there's no additional charge. If you want to come 
a day early, no problem and no fee if you're setting up a tent or even if you 
arrive in a motor home. 
There was the traditional Friday night welcome event which is great in itself. 
An abundance of food and beverage were available for all to enjoy. The Saturday 
banquet was splendid and consisted of barbequed ribs and a quarter of barbequed 
chicken in addition to salids, beverages and desserts. 

There were 230 entrants at the event and probably close to 600 at the banquet. 
It was amazing how quickly folks were served. All in all, VARAC again outdid 
themselves. A definate thumbs up and an event I suggest to all in the future.

VARAC started the event with asking what they could do to help any of the 
entrants and thanked us for being there. Now there's a twist! 

There were a number of Triumphs up there and I likely will leave a couple out, 
3 Spitfires; 2 TR-3s; 1 TR-6; 1 TR-8. 
Mike Jackson was up from Florida and brought the Formula V; possibly fearing 
crossing the border with his skunk adorned TR-3. 
A great time was had by all. It was warm in the late afternoon on Saturday and 
Sunday but it cooled in the evening to be quite pleasant. The border crossing 
was easy both to and from the event, took maybe a maximum of 10 minutes if 
that. We crossed at Thousand Islands.

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