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Subject: RE: except JAPCO
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Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2005 06:25:22 -0400
At one point I used a set of rubber pickup truck flares on a TR4 with
slicks, they screwed to the underside of the fender.  I think they came
from PepBoys.  Don

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Subject: except JAPCO

does any one have a sourse for making a metal TR-6 fender  wider to
cover a
cantilever slick I need something quick . I am hoping to find  some sort
universal  pcs. one size fits all
I supose i can cut up the 30gal. rubbermaid  trash can  and rivet it to
top of the fender >>Sad to say it would actually pass tec

 I would also like to thank everyone with the help  on slicks and
spacers  I
ended up with a set or 4 wheel adapters
3/4" thick for about $200 with lugs (24)  and shipping


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