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Re: Engine won't run

To: "Joe Boruch" <>,
Subject: Re: Engine won't run
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 14:39:02 -0500
I had a somewhat similar problem last year at the last race of the 
season. First it would run right, then it would run awful, and 
finally it quit altogether. Every time I checked the timing, it was 
different. Yep, cam gear was not bolted tightly to the camshaft. 
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At 12:08 AM 8/9/2005, Joe Boruch wrote:
>This past weekend I showed up at the SCCA regional at Lime Rock only 
>to have may car not start in the morning.  It would start for about 
>1 second and then die off.  Checked carbs and there was plenty of 
>fuel in the bowls and I would see it in the jets.  Fuel flowed 
>freely thru the needles.  Swapped plugs, plug wires, cap and it did 
>the same thing.  Swapped coil, still the same.  Swapped condensor 
>and it started ok.  Went back to the original coil and nothing more 
>than 1 second again.
>I went out for practice and could not get over 5000 rpm without it 
>breaking up.  EGTs were low on the rear cylinders and I realized 
>that while playing with the floats I set the rear float too high.  I 
>lowered it, disconnected the rev limiter and qualified great and got 
>the Pole with a 1:02.7.  Next day for the race, the car ran great 
>for 2 laps than a miss started and got worse and worse.  I stayed 
>out for the 20 laps, but the car stalled coming into the paddock and 
>would not start.  I did manage to set fast lap with a 1:01.9 in the 
>short time that the car ran fine.
>Next day I found that the timing was very retarded.  Advanced it and 
>the car started and ran great.  I run a Mallory Dual point.  Why did 
>it retard during the race?  I tore the dizzy apart and found that an 
>advance weight had been cutting into the housing throwing metal 
>around.  I am pretty sure that this is why it retarded during the race.
>I cleaned up the dizzy and adjusted the advance stops so that the 
>weight will not rub on the housing, but now the car will not run 
>again, just like it did before practice.  It will start for a second 
>and die.  I have been swapping parts, but still it will not run.
>There is continuity in the ignition system where it should be and no 
>leakage to ground.  Tried other coils and condensor and wires and 
>rotor. When cranking the dwell meter shows a steady dwell where it 
>should be.  Rev limiter is still disconnected.  Carbs have full 
>bowls and fuel visible in the jets.
>It seems like I am chasing my tail.  Anybody have any ideas?  I am 
>wondering if the vernier cam sprocket may be slipping?  Maybe I 
>should pull the timing cover off anyway to check for sheared keyways?  Joe(B)
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