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RE: TR250K, Shingle and R2 at Columbia River Classic

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Subject: RE: TR250K, Shingle and R2 at Columbia River Classic
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 10:55:25 -0500
Be still, my beating heart........well, not too still..........

At 10:45 AM 8/11/2005, Bill Babcock wrote:
>For those of you who haven't seen the Hart Collection (that these cars are
>coming from), this website will get your heart pounding. It's not an
>"official" site--they don't have one.
><>   Notice
>the fossils on the walls and the memorabilia scattered around. Any of it
>would be the centerpiece of a typical collectiion. And this is a private
>collection by a guy who started out as a Plasterer!  The Ferrari Transporter
>is towards the end. the pictures don't do it justice. Gorgeous, huge thing.
>   _____
>From: Bill Babcock
>Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2005 8:05 AM
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>Subject: TR250K, Shingle and R2 at Columbia River Classic
>Tony Garmey confirmed this morning that he will be driving the TR250K at the
>Columbia River Classic. Any of you folks coming to this race are in for a
>rare treat. Not only is this a wonderful car to look at, but Tony drives the
>wheels off it. It will be a front runner in whatever group it's put into. I
>hope it's not in mine--I want to watch it. I know Peyote can't keep it in
>sight. You've just never seen a car be so smooth and so fast.
>I also asked Tony to bring the Flying Shingle and R1, so we'll be having a
>mini reunion of Ken Miles cars. And we'll have all three cars on the Ferrari
>Transporter at the Block Party. Yeah, yeah I know, what are they doing on a
>Ferrari transporter. I'm just not a stickler for those kind of details. This
>works for me.
>I need to beg a few laps in the Flying Shingle. As I recall Tony says it's a
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