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To: "Joe Curry" <>,
Subject: RE: Hmmm...
From: Ernest Husmann <>
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 14:55:13 -0500
When Steve Johnson took over as head of the SCCA, I was chosen to work with 
him at Road America to familiarize him with F&C.  He spent the better part 
of a three day weekend tagging along, so we had plenty of time to talk.  If 
what Joe has indciated is correct, Steve Johnson didn't accomplish anything 
in seven years, as these were the same issues he was hired to correct.

I dropped my membership with the SCCA that same year for what I will say 
were personal reasons; and that decision was made before Steve Johnson was 
even hired.  In seven years I haven't regretted walking away from the SCCA 
with the exception of the free spectating of the on track competition, 
which I seldom had time to watch.

The SCCA is generally a good organization that has succeeded against all odds.

Ernest Husmann

At 01:41 PM 8/16/2005, Joe Curry wrote:
>Maybe some of the complaint letters have gotten the point across that he
>has driven the former "Club" in a direction that has made it less of a
>club and more of a corporation all the while becoming less sensitive to
>the needs of the members.
>Joe C.
>P.S. I am sure you would do a much better job than he has!  You have my
>vote of confidence!
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>A message on the autox list came in this morning, pointing out that the
>web page had an announcement that Steve Johnson, the SCCA head honcho,
>stepping down.  You think seven seasons of running IVR would qualify me
>the position?  But then again, I'd rather not leave Salt Lake and move

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