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RE: TR4 on Broadway

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Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 22:06:18 -0400
Not exactly Broadway, but our "Martha" ('57 TR3) had a starring role in
our local High School's production of Grease this year.  At the right
moment several of the kids would pile in and drive her across the
auditorium.  I understand that she actually started up for them about
half the time, the rest of the time they pushed her across.  Apparently
the audience liked that just as well as when she went under her own
power.  Don 

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It is "Moving Out" & they role out an overheating (of course!) TR in the

Fred Hodgson

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Just got a glimpse on one of our local channels of a "chat-show"
of a touring version of the Broadway Show "Moving On" (or maybe it was
"Moving Out") that is coming to a local theater.  Anyway, supposed to be
musical with Billy Joel music and there on stage with the actors was a
TR-4.  Pretty cool. Might have to go to the play just to see if they
bring a TR-4 on stage.

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