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Subject: plates
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 04:21:35 EDT
Hi Gang,

I am looking for a pair of 1963, (preferably), or 1964 Oregon blue license 
plates that say 'Pacific Wonderland' on them for my 1963 Vitesse. 

I understand that I will only have to fit the rear plate to my car, and that 
the DMV will be happy with me using such a plate as a 'special interest' 

One plate will also cut down the weight, and reduce air resistance!

Does anyone have any out there?

I have up for grabs (well, for sale on behalf of my wife), two pair of Alaska 
State plates, the first pair are blue letters on a white background from 1960 
and the second are yellow on a blue background from 1967, these bearing the 
statement at the bottom "1867 NORTH TO THE FUTURE 1967", they have a yellow 
Eagle on the left hand side.

These both belonged to my wife's late father.

Best Regards

Leon F Guyot


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