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Re: another strange TR problem

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Subject: Re: another strange TR problem
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Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 12:26:30 -0700
Michael, Now there is a solution I had not thought of. Yes, we have 2 
breathers in the
lower half of the engine & 2 out of the cast valve covers.

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Subject: Re: another strange TR problem

> wrote:
>>FOT experts. After 50 years racing 4 cyl Triumphs, I have a problem that I
>>don't understand. At our last race meet at Fontana, Preston noticed that 
>>had approx 1 quart of radiator water in the oil catch can & that the 
>>down about a like amount. There was no evidence of oil in the water, or
>>evidence of water in the oil. there was no soap in the valve cover,or 
>>to the plug color. It ran very well with no miss & it did not get hot. The 
>>& water have separate catch cans & the radiator catch can was dry. After 
>>scratching, we refilled the radiator & drained the catch can. Not knowing
>>else to do we raced the main event. The car went as well as usual, but the
>>conditions were back & perhaps a bit more water in the catch can than the
>>prior run. please let me know if you have ever faced this & what the 
> Haven't faced it, but I wonder about your venting system--I presume you 
> have the valve cover cap vented, but have you also removed the road draft 
> tube and put a catch tube in that opening?  If you have, I'll make a guess 
> that you have some sort of opening at the bottom rear of the jacket that's 
> squirting coolant under pressure into that road draft port.  If you close 
> off that tube, you'll probably find water in the oil.
> But, if you're running just a valve cover port to the catch can, I'm with 
> Mordy.  You probably gonna need a witch doctor....
> Cheers.
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> Michael D. Porter
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