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RE: Axles for Spitfires?

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Subject: RE: Axles for Spitfires?
From: "Joe Curry" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 08:37:23 -0700
My take on that is that the weak link is most likely not the axles but
rather the U-Joints and even the pumpkin.

Joe C. 

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> I have a friend in need of a set of racing axles for his Spitfire.
It's a
> street Spit but with a super-clean Rover V8 installation - wheel
> burned up on him last weekend and he would like to upgrade while he's
at it.
> How is the Summers Brothers axle set working out for everyone?  Is
> anyone else planning to purchase these soon?  Let me know if there are
> axle sets he should consider.

A Spitfire with a Rover V8?

I don't think he needs new axles.  I think his mother should take the

Bill Dentinger


We had MARK WILLIAMS make custom half shafts for our TALISMAN 
(Herald/Spitfire axles).  They were expensive, but we are pleased with

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