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free parts - two days only

Subject: free parts - two days only
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 16:25:04 -0500
I have a small stash of parts that I am going to junk Monday. I will 
give them away to listers rather than go through the eBay hassle. The 
city cleanup day is Monday 3 October and they will go then. Up until 
then, if you want any of these, they are free to you -- just pay me 
$5.00 per box for packaging them up and you pay postage. My zip code 
is 61254 in case you want to calculate postage.

TR3 upper a-arms - enough for 3 wheels

TR3 cast bracket to which caliper mounts - 2 pair

1 set - TR4 seat slides

1 pair - TR3 or 4 inner front bumper brackets (powder coated)

TR3 etc turn signal clear lenses with chrome rings - 4

TR4 braces, inner fender to top of front valance

TR4 door release pull rod and mechanisms

2 - rubber jack hole plugs - TR3-4 brand new

1 - TR3 starter nay be good, may be bad

1 - TR4 starter may be good, may be bad

1 - grab bag box of inside door handles, window cranks, trunk handle 
- enough for 2 cars I think - pretty good, but not high point resto

1 - pair SU carbs TR3 - H6 - NOT HS6 -

uncle jack 

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