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Molds & Panels - Now Home & Triumph - Speedfest

Subject: Molds & Panels - Now Home & Triumph - Speedfest
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 09:21:16 EDT
Dennis & FOTers

    On the serious side, Dennis, thank you for the advice below. Those of you 
who asked me to share what I was told with you, please find below. 

    It seems to me that this questioned has opened up a whole new opportunity 
for our media mogul Tim Studdard and GRM, a specialized monthly column on how 
to best use your living room for parts storage tilted "Home & Parts". I do 
not think that my wife is going to buy into the living room storage unless she 
sees other wives showing their Triumph furnishings and even then, it would be a 
extremely hard sell. 

    I took my three kids ( 5,6 & almost 8) to Speedfest at Coronado Island 
yesterday armed with disposable cameras. It was an absolute blast. I wish I had 
taken along a video camera to record the responses of driver when their car 
seiged upon by the paparazzi. The children took some very interesting pictures 
from their height perspective and their choice of picture angles was also very 

    One of the drivers let the kids sit in his CanAm car, they absolutely 
loved it. I need to remember that when kids come around in the pits to my cars 
the future. They get to sit in my cars all the time, but the fact that it was 
at the race track made a big difference. 

    Amongst the cars there was a TR2 which had the TS255 on it. No one was 
there, so not sure if it was the real deal (LeMans) or simply a copy. But it 
extremely well done. I was surprised to see the HSMA allowed the original 
seats to be used in the car. It was not a factor in the race itself in race 
2, which included a Jag and Nascar replica Corvette. The Jag walked away with 
the race. it was the only Triumph there.



In a message dated 10/8/2005 8:45:09 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:
The best luck I've had is to hang them on hooks on my shop walls (indoors) if 
you have that kind of space. If you have to lay them on the floor, don't 
stack them on top of each other. Try to support areas that will likely sag by 
placing something of appropriate size underneath for support. If at all 
store them in a location where the temperature is controlled. Heat (and to a 
lesser extent cold) is the enemy. Never leave them outside in the sun and 
weather for any extended period of time.

It's the molds that require the most care. Thin body parts will regain most 
of their shape when reattached to the car and left in the sun. When heavy 
take on a bend, it's tough to get them straightened back out. Store 
individual mold pairs fitted as a unit, A + B nestled together. That way 
there's less 
chance of compromising the mating surface and it limits deformity. Over time 
all fiberglass body parts and molds will deform to some extent no matter how 
they're stored. It's just a matter of limiting how much.


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