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Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 07:12:15 -0700 (PDT)
You really didnt have to go to all the work of looking up the numbers to point 
this out.... you could have just asked one of us who has worked for the same 
company for the last 16 or more years...
  buying power???? you gotta be kidding...  
  made my day ;>(
........  Maybe this is why I work two jobs now... I'll retire somewhere around 
95 or 100 ...
or I could quit racing and save a dollar or two, but then that would require 
growing up some ... 

Michael Porter <> wrote: wrote:

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> writes:
><< As I remember it was $100 for a complete Hepolite kit of four pistons and 
>sleeves 87mm. >>
>I went through a few sets back then. One piston looked like a 30 OT 6 slug 
>went through the top of it. The distributor had screwed up and kept right on 
>In my opinion, these items cost about the same back then as they do today. 
>The dollars were worth a lot more back then, and people made a lot fewer 

Cost has to be considered against purchasing power. In 1957, the 
minimum wage was $1/hr. Accounting for inflation, one would have to 
make $6.80 to have equivalent buying power today. Since the minimum 
wage is now $5.15, purchasing power is 75% of what it was in 1957. The 
cost for a replacement piston/liner set for wet-sleeve engines closest 
to stock is from BPNW (and an 86mm set, at that, no 83mm set available) 
is $604. So, in actuality, wages have increased 5.15 times since 1957, 
but prices have increased 6.05 times. In 1957, 100 hours of labor 
bought a piston/sleeve set, while in 2005, it requires 117 hours of 
labor to buy the equivalent parts. While manufacturing costs have gone 
down with improved processes, in the U.S., purchasing power has declined 
at a greater rate.


Michael D. Porter
Roswell, NM

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