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Re: Fw: Use of Compressed Air in PVC - ASTM

Subject: Re: Fw: Use of Compressed Air in PVC - ASTM
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 11:01:06 EST
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    As a former chairman of one of ASTM's subcommittees developing test 
procedures, I can attest that one needs to consult the test methods to 
whether the psi measurement being cited is applicable to this specific 
situation. One typically finds alot of caveats are needed with every test 
because its difficult to develop one test applicable to all situations. 

    If the manufacturer has such strong statements regarding the use of PVC, 
it would be my expectation that the PSI measurements cited were done for a 
testing method developed for use with liquids rather than a compressed gas 
that there are further stipulations as to under what conditions the test 
results are applicable.

    The bottomline is that if the manufacturer is saying don't use it for 
compressed gas, then don't. No manufacturer is going to tell customers not to 
a their product unless there is a significant risk. 


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