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Re: Hallett Shootout - camping and weather

Subject: Re: Hallett Shootout - camping and weather
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 17:27:16 EST
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Much of the paddock area is on a hill so it overlooks a great part of the 
track. Good visibility to the action. I am not sure this has been mentioned 

There are also hard mounted metal canopies that are available for some amount 
of rent.

Very user friendly. I am looking forward to being there. Of course I am not a 
fan of Motels, so it's good for me.  If there was a cornfield, I'd really be 
at home.

Joe (A)
> People have been asking me about camping at the track.  There is no 
> charge for camping.  If you want electric hookups, it is $20 for the 
> weekend.  There are shower facilities.  The essentials are there, but 
> don't expect a country club type facility like VIR.  It is spring in 
> late March and early April.  The Redbuds and perhaps Dogwoods should be 
> in bloom.  Typical afternoon highs in the 70's.  Of course, you've heard 
> the saying about April showers and May flowers, but there will not be 
> any snow.
> Brad and Susan have camped there and so has Joe, so they might elaborate 
> on the experience.

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