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Hallett - East vs West Shootout

To: FOT <>
Subject: Hallett - East vs West Shootout
From: Larry Young <>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 19:50:57 -0600
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Let's see, we've been at Mid-Ohio, Mosport, VIR, Road Atlanta, all are a 
long tow for those on the left coast.  Now, we've got an event smack in 
the middle of the country.  The west coast guys are showing up in mass, 
but where are the east coast guys?  Are they afraid?  Here is my current 

Jeff Snook, TR3
Bill Dentinger, TR3
Jim McAndrew, TR3
Larry Young, TR3
Ken Gillanders, TR3
Dennis Delap, TR3
Brad Kahler, TR3
Joe Alexander, TR4
Jack Drews, TR4
Tony Drews, TR4
Bob Kramer, TR4A
John James, TR4
Mordy Dunst, TR4A
Paul Smock, TR4
Dan Forgey, TR4A
John Frymark, TR4A
Mike Munson, TR6
Joe Hovey, Spitfire
Robert Batgell, Spitfire
James Bush, Spitfire
Susan Kahler, Spitfire
Chuck Gee, Spitfire
Mark Eden, Spitfire
Joe Guinan, Spitfire
Steve Smith, GT6
Dan Duryee, GT6
John Reed, GT6+
Clive Averill, GT6
John Price, TVR2500
Bill Babcock, Peyote
Bill Hart, TR250K
Henry Morrison, Elva

Sorry, if this offends anyone.  Blame it on the Merlot.  Happy Thanksgiving!
Larry Young

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