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Hart collection

Subject: Hart collection
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 19:40:59 -0800
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Gee, you live right in the neighborhood. You sure don't need me to set up a
visit, as I recall you've met Tony Garmey--perhaps you didn't realize that
he maintains the Hart collection. For that matter both he and Bill Hart are
FOT members, though they lurk rather than contribute unless you directly ask
them a question. I think they both suck at typing so it's a chore for them,
whereas I type about 130 mistakes a minute (and you all wondered why I was
so verbose--I can type faster than I can talk). I assume they are both still
getting the list email. So they are probably snickering about this right now
and wondering what the big deal is.  

If you don't know Tony, you should. When he's not maintaining the Hart
collection he's running Horizon Racing out of his home shop. That's a
worthwhile tour also--some of the projects in his shop would make your eyes
water, and it's a gorgeous example a fitting a world-class shop into a
garage and a half. Plus Tony is about as talented a fabricator as you'll
ever meet. But he works on more mundane stuff too--He builds a very mean TR3
motor--or I should say his father in law does. Does it right too--Tony has a
glassed-in clean room for engine assembly. He's in the little town just past
Pacific Raceway--I forget the name. His email is .
You'll never meet a nicer guy, and he's the guy to take you on a tour of the


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