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Re: A sad pattern definately exists...

Subject: Re: A sad pattern definately exists...
From: Susan Kahler <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 21:30:29 -0600
Ooops -- a correction:  TWS is the racetrack in College Station, TX, not 
TMS in Fort Worth.  Texas Motor Speedway actually started off calling 
themselves Texas World Speedway, but got sued by the pre-existing TWS, 
so they had to use TMS.  Confusing, eh!  TWS in College Station had its 
heyday in years past, and is now used for vintage, club, motorcycle and 
other racing events. 

The issue is that College Station is growing out that way quickly, and 
the growth is mostly high-end housing and "upscale" strip mall 
shopping.  Kinda like the county airport that has been in place for 25 
years and then is surrounded by new subdivisions, members of which then 
find that the airport they suddenly discovered lurking next door is 
unacceptable for their style of living and it gets closed down.  TWS is 
a great track and we all hope it remains accessible to us.

Just FYI!
Susan        :)

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