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Response to Handicapping ( "No Subject" )

Subject: Response to Handicapping ( "No Subject" )
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 07:18:03 EST

    Your proposal of handicapping cars make a great deal of sense if
one wants to even the playing field amongst comparable era cars. The
Porsche club has attempted to address this issue simply by classifying
cars by their mechanical development. Instead of handicapping however,
the cars are placed in a different basic competition class.

    Theoretically, one could apply this to vintage simply by
establishing classes based on conformance to certain years of the SCCA
GRC. As we all know, there are cars out there that are running vintage
with mechanicals that are totally out of spec with the 1972 GRC. So
simply classify them according to a run groups in accordance with post
1972 GRC and if they don't meet that, just label them as exhibition.

     I personally believe its a destruction of history to force these
cars to be changed to historically incorrect bodywork and mechancials
just to race vintage. Frankly, these post 1972 cars were better and
faster, why not simply accept that and allow them to race in a
different classification (perhaps by GRC specification group) .

    The answer at the moment seems to be that the current sanctioning
bodies have full feilds without the newer cars. What I think is needed
in the amateur racing is more opportunity for post 1972 historical
race cars to run other than in SCCA. Eventually, someone is going to
fill this gap, I am hoping that it will be sooner rather than later.


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