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Subject: Re: Cam Question
From: jhassall <>
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 20:58:48 -0500
At 11:29 AM 1/7/2006, wrote:
>Someone in my local club recently purchased a street TR3 in need of 
>restoration. While disassembling the engine, he discovered that the cam 
>was marked "Isky TR666". I thought that the 666 cam was a racing cam from 
>the 60's. Is my recollection correct? This TR3 is a street car. Is this an 
>appropriate cam for street use?
>THANKS for any and all info.
>Irv Korey


I just installed an Isky 777 in my TR4.  The 666 specs are:
cam lift 0.298
valve lift 0.435
duration 286
0.050 duration 250
lash 0.018 (h)

I can send you the timing info if you need it.

I have no experience with the 666 grind, but the 777 grind "comes on the 
cam" at 3500 like a ton of bricks and screams to at least 6000.  It doesn't 
idle below 1100 and has mediocre low end torque.  The 777 is a streetable 
cam, so I expect the 666 to  be even better for street use.



Jim Hassall
Blacksburg  VA
'63 TR4 in autox preparation - 90% finished, 90% to go 

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