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Re: [MGVR] MG Specials - Authenticity and Rules

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Subject: Re: [MGVR] MG Specials - Authenticity and Rules
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Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 19:13:11 -0800
Lets not forget one thing here........the people that owned those vintage cars
in the fifties were RACERS.  They drove the shit out of those cars and
expected them to work well for every lap. They spent the money and had people
that understood how to make cars fast and they had guys driving that could do
just that.

The same cars are not driven with the same bit of enthusiasm and ABILITY in
modern time.  I don't blame them, but don't blame the cars. I drove a really
quick TR-3 that beat most folks in class with ease, yet in the same race with
2.0 litre Ferraris and Masers, it was a joke.  Richie Ginther in a little
engine Ferrari was a wonder to watch.  We had combined races then were a
feature for the weekend.  He'd lap me without too much trouble and others were
just right behind. By the same token, the fellow ( nice guy) that owned the
car would be hard pressed to stay ahead of me on a short course. Commitment to
winning then was a plus, now it's "see my nice red car" and don't spit on the

 The CARS were quick, the drivers were committed.

Never Be beaten by Equipment
Kas Kastner

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