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Re: TR3 Steering Rack

Subject: Re: TR3 Steering Rack
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 07:02:42 EST

    The response that you have received about the steering rack and 
fiberglass are harbingers of the just the beginning of the challenges that one 
has when 
one attempts to construct a racecar that can run in current SCCA classes as 
well as vintage classes. The compromises that needed to make a car eligible for 
both will likely make it uncompetitive for both because you will end up 
having to compromise at the lowest levels of performance modifications allowed 
both rather than the highest.

    Its my personal perspective that if you want to run SCCA competitively, 
you need a car that is focused on their rules. Amongst Triumphs, a Spitfire is 
probably a better choice than a TR3. If you look around, you probably find a 
one that already has the fiberglass and modernization for a fraction of the 
cost of building one from the ground up. 


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