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Re: Fw: 1972 TR-6 Triumph

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Subject: Re: Fw: 1972 TR-6 Triumph
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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 12:06:52 -0500
[Here's a message also meant for FOT.  mjb]

Hi Rob,

Yes and Chuck Arnold will be shipping us a TR6 pan and pickup for the 

Michael's comments correspond exactly with my concerns about the 2000 pan 
when used with the 2500 crank.  When I measured it and accounted for the 
increased stroke it did appear that the rod bolts would likely hit the pan. 
However, I can probably make a windage tray to fit this application (2500 
crank using a 2000 pan) as long as there is still a bit of clearance from 
the rack.  I would simply use a spacer on the pan rail.

Michael, do you know how much room is available? (allowing for some engine 
movement, of course)

Rob, the TR6 scraper runs $49.95 plus shipping and I would need to know your 
zip code to calculate a total.

If either of you know of someone with a used/bad Triumph 1500 pickup tube 
that would be very helpful.  I have the one that goes straight down but 
there is another that slants and I would need it for designing a tray.

Kind regards,


Ishihara-Johnson Crank Scrapers
Land O' Lakes, Florida

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