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TR3/4 Main Bearings

Subject: TR3/4 Main Bearings
From: "Joe Boruch" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 18:08:44 GMT
Amici, I am looking for some standard size TR3/4 main bearing other than the
currently available new Vandervell bearing that are available.  I was looking
for King bearings, but king does not stock any in the US and TRF does not have
King main bearings for TR3/4s.
Moss has Federal Mogul and Victoria British will not say what they have,
except they told me they are not King or County bearings and they are made in
the UK.  I have not used the FM bearings so I don't know what they are made of
or if they are the same as the Vandervells, but packaged as FMs.
King rod bearings have worked well for me and thought that they would do well
as mains.  I suppose that I could try to find some NOS Vandervells, but that
gets expensive.  I think the last I found some they were well over $100 per
set.  Joe(B)

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