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[FOT] Re: re RE: TR3&4 Cam Bearing Bolts Poll

Subject: [FOT] Re: re RE: TR3&4 Cam Bearing Bolts Poll
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 07:36:49 -0600
All the plugs on the left side of the motor have a copper washer 
under the head. See Moss catalog page 6 item 35 and page 8 item 24a. 
The washers are 1/16" thick.

The bolts plugging the holes to the camshaft bearing drillings do 
have a nubbin on the end that is supposed to fit into the drilled 
hole in the camshaft. I'm not sure why they did that since I don't 
know of other engines where it is done- but somebody on the list has 
probably seen it elsewhere. It's either to keep the cam bearings from 
turning or to make sure the rest of the holes are lined up or both. 
The holes for the bolts had to be there to allow access for the 
factory to drill the oil holes for the cam.

I'd make three points:

1. If the machine shop did not get the bearing in exactly right, and 
you screw the bolt in all the way, you will distort the cam bearing 
and the cam will not go in, or it will seize. Try the camshaft in the 
bearings with no bolts in those holes, to make sure that the bearings 
have not been ruined.

2. In any case, replace the washers. If you don't, you run the risk 
of some part of the end of the bolt hitting the cam bearing and 
ruining it.If you want to be a purist and leave the little nubbin on 
the end of the bolt, make absolutely certain that it lines up exactly 
with the little hole in the cam bearing.

3. If the hole is not lined up, or if you want to make absolutely 
certain that you won't distort the bearings, you can do one of two 
things. Either drill out the little holes so the nubbins will clear, 
or grind the nubbins off of the bolts. I've done both, depending on 
circumstances, and have never had a problem with either approach, 
except drilling leaves shaving plus burrs on the holes.

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