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Subject: [FOT] Re: Diamond Wheels
From: "Mark York" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 06:54:48 -0800
I'm looking for a lower cost alternative to Panasports or Minilite wheels to
mount rain tires on my TR3 racer. Diamond Racing Wheels manufactures steel
wheels that appear to be priced a lot more competitively (less than $100
ea). From the information on their website they will manufacture almost any
size wheel (given the proper dimensions, i.e. offset (backspace), diameter,
width, bolt pattern, etc. These wheels appear to be similar to what SCCA
racers like Prather runs on his MGA. BTW I have a set of Panasports on order
through Spreull but the warehouse in California only has 2 in stock and they
are quoting 2-3 months to get a shipment in from Japan.

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