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Re: [FOT] Hoosier Speedster tires

To: FOT Triumph <>
Subject: Re: [FOT] Hoosier Speedster tires
From: Jerry Barr <>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 08:34:47 -0600
Hello Group,
I am looking for a car to transport to the west coast before Hallet. I 
will be leaving Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin on March 23 for Southern CA to 
pick up a Spitfire and would like to make it to Hallet by Friday. I can 
pick up a car anywhere in the Midwest.
I have a 16 foot inclosed trailer that I use to transport my GT6 and 
have all necessary tie down equipment. I can haul any Triumph size car. 
If anyone is interested please contact me off list.
Jerry Barr
#59 Red GT6

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