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[FOT] What fun

Subject: [FOT] What fun
From: "Mark J. Bradakis" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 01:00:22 -0700
So the other day I get into the car after a 20 - 30 minute stop
at a friend's shop.  The noise from the business on the other side
of the street seems a bit louder than it should be.  I start to drive
away and realize the noise level is louder because there is no longer
a side window in the back of the Civic.

Great.  Based on the footprints in the snow somebody walking along the
railroad track came over, walked along the line of parked cars and
figured that my briefcase sitting on the passenger seat was an easy
target.  I still have the rock used to smash the glass.  What I don't
have is my wallet and the driver's license and cards that were in it.
I no longer have my cell phone, or the digital camera, or my personal
checkbook or one of my Fat Chance Garage checkbooks.  I do still have
the briefcase, though.  And they didn't touch the stereo or my nice
pool cue.  Just dumped the briefcase, grabbed what they wanted and took

Since I have been doing some TR gearbox work I had a mainshaft circlip
tool in my briefcase.  I reported to the officer who showed up that it
was among the stolen items.  Why on earth would some random person
steal THAT??  Turns out the tool was under the seat, what they wanted
was the bag it was in to haul off the rest of their treasures.  So I'll
be able to get that next circlip off in a minute or two, not an hour or
two.  That's nice.

Hopefully by the time the Beach Party [ ]
starts Saturday I'll be in a better mood.  Sheesh.  Actually losing
the camera is too bad, I was just starting to build some momentum in
photographing parts and getting them on Ebay, as well as my own
database.  Anyone have a relatively cheap but useable camera for


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