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Re: [FOT] SA2005 Helmets

Subject: Re: [FOT] SA2005 Helmets
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 09:17:51 EST
In a message dated 02/27/2006 2:41:04 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

> I think that depends on the race organization.  Here in N.CA, the local 
> club 
> CSRG allows SA2000 and of course SA2005.  If one has an SA90 or SA95 
> certified helmet, those are not allowed since the could be over ten years 
> old and the helmets ability to perform properly is compromised.  Since 
> SA2005 helmets are now available there is no reason to buy an SA2000 if a 
> replacement is needed.


I still look with a jaundiced eye at that statement, and similar.  I know 
such proclamations come from people who are smarter and more knowledgeable than 
I.  But they sure strike me as self serving.  While I can understand where 
sanctioning bodies might require that helmets be relined from time to time 
(because the lining deteriorates), unless they have been compromised by an 
incident...why would they need to be replaced?

I guess my strong feelings in these matters come from the fact that early on 
in my career I bought two complete sets of six point belt restraints.  I 
thought I should have a spare on the shelf.  Well...while still brand new, the 
second set was no longer legal by the time I got around to needing it.

Bill Dentinger

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