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Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 18:58:51 -0800
> Buy a helmet in accordance with the value you put on your head.

And all the brothers say "amen". 

Helmets are expensive until you compare them to brain injuries. 

Here in Hawaii you don't need to wear helmets to ride motorcycles. I see
sportbike riders every day riding with no helmet. I'm no fan of excessive
regulation, I think the rule should be simple and benefit society--if you
don't want to wear a helmet you have to be an organ donor. 

Lost two in the last week. One tourist on a rented Harley, one local kid on
a sport bike. I wear a carbon fibre AXO motocross bucket here to go with my
Honda XR650. Sure wish we could get something like that for car racing--it
weighs nothing. 

Big difference between no helmet and a SA95 though, and truth be told I
doubt that a slightly dinged helmet will fail when I need it, especially
since I haven't really needed one for at least fifteen years. But if I'm
going to wear the damned things I want to be sure. A new one every ten years
isn't bad--especially the way mine usually smell. 

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Hey everyone,

I still remember a garage visit to a friend of mine who raced
I had stopped by while he had some friends over and he was showing them
stuff.  He had gotten his gear out and put it on the work table during
visit, and on the way out, one of the guys bumped his street helmet (he
a different one for racing) and it fell to the floor from about a
three-and-a-half-foot height and landed on its top.  My friend picked up
the helmet and handed it to the guy who bumped it and said, "It's

This led to about a half-hour discussion about helmets and ratings and
multiple impact means and what SA and M designations mean.  He bought
another helmet the next day.

And a vintage racer friend once told me that helmets get bangs and bumps
over the years through hitting roll bars and accidental drops from
or off the back of your car, and that those bumps and bangs all add up!
stayed ahead of the regulations and ordered a new helmet every two

Bottom line is what I first heard many years ago, and hopefully all of

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