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Re: [FOT] Kastner mention in toyota ad material

Subject: Re: [FOT] Kastner mention in toyota ad material
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 10:15:46 EST
In a message dated 03/11/2006 9:05:30 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

> I know someone who is on the SCCA nominating committee.  He lives in 
> Waukesha.  Might be worth putting something together on Kas and sending it 
> to him.  I know the latest round of nominations were done last fall and am 
> not sure when the next time this will be done.
> I'd be happy to pass the information on.  As a 26 year SCCA member and an 
> owner of TR's for 36 years,  I'd be glad to put my support behind this.


Let's do it!

Dave, can you contact this person and get the necessary particulars, so we 
don't go off halfcocked?  

Then we'll need a Historian to help put a proper dossier together.  I'll bet 
people like Mike Cook, Peggy Kastner, and others can help.  

After we get the stick in the fire, we'll need all FOT members who belong to 
SCCA to bang the drum.

Let's go!

Bill Dentinger

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