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[FOT] Hallet's Weather

Subject: [FOT] Hallet's Weather
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 08:37:49 EST

    I looked at the weather forecast for Hallet. Slightly below freezing in 
the morning. Going 100 mph down the straight at 30 degrees will give you the 
equivalent of feeling of a typical Minnesota winter day. 

    I don't have much mechanical expertise to offer this group. But having 
lived in Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin, I do know a little about cold 
weather. Silk long johns might be a great addition to your list of Hallet 
Minnesotians call this "silk underwear", but now that I live in California, I 
understand the need to state it differently :). 

    Good luck, have fun, and above all, be safe.     


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