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[FOT] SCCA Rules Regarding Roll Bars & Roll Cages

Subject: [FOT] SCCA Rules Regarding Roll Bars & Roll Cages
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 19:57:44 EDT

    A question of simply historical interest. 

    1. When did the SCCA make simple roll bars a requirement for racecars?

    2. Was the roll bar required of both open and closed cars? (Did this vary 
with car classification?)

    3. When was there first a specific specification for the initial roll bar 
in the GCR?

    4. When did the more moden roll cage requirments become required of open 
cars? closed cars?

    5. When did it become a requirment to have identification numbers for 
roll bars/rollcages?

    6. Is there a central clearing house that maintains records of roll bar/ 
roll cage numbers?

Thanks in Advance

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