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[FOT] Nomination of Paul McDonald for FOT

Subject: [FOT] Nomination of Paul McDonald for FOT
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 12:29:08 EDT

    As you can read below, Paul McDonald has all the attributes that are 
desired of a Friends of Triumph "member". It is particularly satisfying to me 
personally to be able to nominate another person with not only Triumphitis, but 
the specific strain Triumphitis wedgitis" May we please have a second. 

Cary Perket


In a message dated 05/05/2006 9:16:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
My name is Paul MacDonald and  have been into British cars since the early
70s, starting off with MGBs although before that I had a Triumph Daytona
bike. I got my first triumph, a TR8 about 15 years ago. I restored the car,
and have since added another convertible TR8 and a 1977 TR8 preproduction
coupe to the 'fleet'. Also for about 5 years now I have been tracking down
as many TR8 coupes as I can locate. There were only about 300 made in total
including 150 approx. of the preproduction ones. I have a listing with over
180 VINs for the coupes now and always searching for more.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a TR7 race car that was built in 1980 out of
a 1975 TR7 (very early car) and ran in GT2 in Ontario and Quebec into the
mid 90s ...I'm in Canada. The car is a project which has been in storage for
about 10 years and needs everything including an engine. I have been in
contact with the original builder and have pictures of how it looked. I will
collect parts and once the project hits critical mass, I may restore it to
the original look.

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