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Subject: RE: [FOT] body shop amici - advice and perspective needed on
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Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 10:22:41 -0400

I am pretty sure that you can still buy new arches for the wheels. They come
in two widths that I am familiar with, called Rally Arches, normal width,
like yours I believe are Forest arches and really wide ones are for tarmac.
S+S or Robsport should have them. Check to make sure you get the right

Paul MacDonald

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Subject: [FOT] body shop amici - advice and perspective needed on
fiberglass fenders


    Attempting to get some additional guidance and perspective on what to do
regarding some TR8 fiberglass fenders. There are clearly identifiable cracks
where the fiberglass has been bonded to the underlying fender (most of metal
fender has been cut away). Body shop says this is an indication of the need
remove and reattach the fiberglass fenders. Another body shop agrees and is
further concerned about the potential for seriously damaging the fiberglass
fenders during removal, so it recommending that it make molds of the fenders

    The quote of making molds for the four fenders and front fiberglass is
about $4K, does that seem reasonable realizing this is southern California?

    Secondly, what is the realistic probability/odds of the fiberglass
fenders being damaged as they are taken off?

    Thirdly, what is the realistic potential/odds of the old fiberglass
fenders (20 years?) being damaged when they are replaced?


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