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RE: [FOT] ignition systems

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Subject: RE: [FOT] ignition systems
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Date: Sun, 1 Oct 2006 00:47:15 -0700
Did you wait until Michael won the China GP to answer that?  :)

Joe C

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They also don't work all that well at 12.5 volts, they like an
alternator and 13-14 volts and I don't need all that complexity. I find
the Mallory dual point ignition system give all the spark I need--and I
can fix it with a Bronson Rock (a reference only you geezers that
remember "then came Bronson" will understand). 

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Subject: [FOT] ignition systems

I only have experience with three different electronic ignition systems,
so I'm not an expert on them. The one thing they have is common, for me
as a racer / user, is that when something goes wrong, it is hard to find
what it is and usually impossible to fix, unless I have  whole redundant
system along with me. If I have a conventional system, I can fix it with
a continuity tester and a small supply of relatively cheap parts -- it's
got to be the wire coming to the system, or the cap, rotor, points,
condenser, or coil.

I used an electronic ignition system in m race car for ten years and it
worked okay, but when it did fail I had to put in a conventional
distributor to find out if the brain box was bad. Likewise last week
when my TR6 suddenly quit running and coasted to a stop -- I had no idea
if the Prtronix quit or something else happened.

uncle jack 

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