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[FOT] Motor Mount

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Subject: [FOT] Motor Mount
From: "Gary" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006 14:07:18 -0800

Well, it was a good half of a weekend of racing at the CSRG Fall Finale at
Thunderhill in N.CA.  My TR4 (the only one in the event) ran great finishing
mid-pack in Saturday's race.  Most satisfying part was passing an Alfa GTV,
Lotus Cortina, Porsche 356 and MGB in the last two laps.  Great fun.

Unfortunately on the cool down lap, I felt a consistent vibration so after
pulling into the paddoc, I opened the bonnet and saw the right side motor
mount (passenger side) had broken causing the engine to tilt to that side.
Upon further inspection, the mount stud had sheared above the rubber donut and
below the engine plate.  I believe the studs are weld into the frame, is that
correct?  If so, what sort of repair does any one have experience with?

1962 TR4

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