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[FOT] TR250/TR4 weight

Subject: [FOT] TR250/TR4 weight
From: greg <>
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2006 16:43:19 -0700
    A few years ago I weighed my TR250 when it was in pieces (still is) 
and thought some of you might be interested. This was done on a set of 
Longacre scales recently calibrated. I also weighed a TR4 head and a 
stock TR4 axle complete with iron drums. I was trying to see if an EP 
TR4 could make SCCA min weight of 1820#. Looked to be close if you start 
from scratchand pay attention.

Bare body (AZ car no rust or undercoat, no doors, bonnet or boot) 251#
   "  frame                                                        174#
   "  TR4 head                                                      44#
TR4  axle                                                         134#


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