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[FOT] TR Action

Subject: [FOT] TR Action
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 11:57:15 EST

Don't know how many of you might get to see TR ACTION, the magazine of the TR 
Register in England, but it is similar in scope to the Vintage Triumph 
Register magazine we see over here in the US of A.

It is well done, and always interesting.  Lots of club and chapter news, but 
great articles as well.  While they often spout a "I'm just here for the 
beer!" motto, they are a meat and potatoes organization dedicated to all things 

There's a series of articles running under the banner of "TRs-The Knowledge 
(the Who, What, When, Where an Why of TR Lore) I find interesting.  This month 
dealt with TR 'firsts' like 100 mph 2 litre sports, disc brakes, IRS, fuel 
injection and the like.  It pointed out that 'live axle' TR4s were an 'option' 
offered only on cars sold in North America, because our dealers rebelled at the 
thought of charging more for the new (and costly) independent rear suspension. 
 I always thought this had more to do with TRIUMPH building cars using up 
stuff that was still on the shelf.  Appartently not.  Interesting.

Bill Dentinger

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